Yes, its that time again! Keeping your truck, car or work vehicle tuned up is very important in maintaining and preserving it for use. Putting off routine maintenance might save money in  the short term, but costs more in the long term.

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Our Services

We provide a long list of services. Probably too many to list here. So, if you do not see what you need, please call and speak with the Service Manager. You can also just make an appointment and discuss the needs of your vehicle then.

Repair and Routine Maintenance Services

We use quality parts and have highly knowledgeable mechanics. If there is a concern, please let us know. We stand behind our work.

Our Warranty:

1 year or 15k miles parts and labor

  • Alternator Testing and Replacement
  • Automotive/Car Repair
  • Air Intake Cleaning & Filter Changing
  • Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics
  • Battery Service
      » Battery System Testing
  • Belt and Hoses Replacement
      » Brake Service and Repair
      » Brake Fluid Exchange
      » Brake Pads Replacement
  • Brake Rotors Replacement
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Clutch Repairs & Replacement
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Inspection
  • Computer Diagnostics (Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, etc.)
  • Cooling System Service (Water Pumps, Radiators, etc.)
      » Coolant Exchange Service
  • Diesel Service and Repair
  • Differential Service
  • Drive Train Repair
  • Electrical and Computer Diagnosis
      » No-Start Diagnostics / Driveability Diagnostics
  • Electrical and/or Wiring Problems
  • Engine Repair
      » Engine Head Gasket Repair
      » Exhaust Manifold
      » Intake Manifold Repair
  • Exhaust System Work
      » Catalytic Converters
      » Custom Mufflers and Tail Pipes
      » Flowmasters and Tips
    1. » Muffler Replacement
      » Oxygen Sensor Replacement
      » Tail Pipe Replacement
  • Flat Tire and Leak Repair
  • Fleet Service
      » Fleet Inspection
      » On Site Fleet Service
  • Interior / Exterior Lighting Replacement
  • Mechanical and Suspension Repairs
  • Oil and Fluid Leak Repairs
  • Oil Change
  • Power Steering
      » Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service
      » Power Steering Rack and Pinion Replacement
  • Power Window & Door Lock Diagnosis and Repair
  • Routine Service and Maintenance
      » Routine Maintenance Inspections
      » Routine Maintenance & Fluid Flushes
  • Starters
  • Inspect
  • Replace
  • Starting & Charging Diagnosis
  • Steering and Suspension Service
  • Suspension (includes struts, shocks, axles, control arm replacement)
      » Shocks and Struts Work
      » Axle and Control Arm Replacement
      » CV/Axle and Control Arm Replacement
  • TDI Diesel repair
  • Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement
      » Timing Belt and Drive Belt Replacement
      » Timing Chain Replacement
      » Water Pump Replacement
      » Water Pump, Thermostat Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange Service
  • Tune-Ups, Air Filters, Fuel Filters
  • Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement